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Space Invader Daisakusen

Space Invader Daisakusen
Space Invader Daisakusen

Otaku code: 63028H

External ID: TOCT-25124

Condition: New

Format: 1 CD


Release Date: 2003-07-30

Techno Arranged Game Soundtracks. Classic Space Invaders music remixed and rearranged.

Tracks :
01 Back In The Space Again / Sketch Show
02 Space Invaders 2003 / Ken Ishii Vs Flr
03 Game Over / Die Raketen Vs Kagami
04 Photography? Serigraphy? / Towa Tei Vs Sweet Robots Against The Machine
05 Do U Know My Ufo Mix / Mijk Van Dijk Vs Toby
06 Invade Yourself / El-Kt Vs The Perfect Futurist
07 The Invader Who Loved Me Mix / Trippy-Tapper-Music Vs Elektel
08 Theme From Space Invaders / Malawi Rocks Vs K-Sobajima
09 Defender (Earth Attack Remix) / Ko Kimura Vs E-Male
10 Elektrix (Ufo 500 Mix) / Dj Shinkawa Vs Dj Mase
11 Invader With The Stars 'n' Stripes Mix / Chester Beatty Vs Dj Shufflemaster
12 25 Years Driven / Shin Nishimura Vs Dr Shingo
13 Don Quijote (Against The Invader Mix) / Q'hey Vs Marco Bailey
14 I.N.V. / Co-Fusion Vs Rebus Tape

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